MV of the Month: Gain, 'Paradise Lost'

Gain Paradise Lost Art

Fortunately, for everyone, March's MV of the Month had a lot of candidates. Take XIA's stunning post-apocalyptic "Flower" for instance. Or Crayon Pop's joyfully absurd "FM." You could also make a case for Shinwa's "Sniper" or Boyfriend's "Bounce," or what's that group called - oh yes, EXO's "Call Me Baby," Picking any of those music videos and you're not going to look like a fool. But when it comes down to it, one music video really stands head and shoulders above the rest, and it's not just because of the naked, writhing bodies that will haunt us for years. Gain, with "Paradise Lost," you may took your bow. 

We don't hand these out lightly, friends, which is appropriate because Gain doesn't handle her releases lightly either. Even her more fun music videos, like "Apple" or "Bloom" are seeped with symbolism and provocative sexuality. Yes, sexuality. Many Kpop fans are sick to death over how much sexuality has entered their wholesome Kpop universe - "Another sexy concept!" even the most rational will bemoan in their cloistered spheres. But to call "Paradise Lost" a sexy concept grossly underestimates the video's intentions. "Paradise Lost" does not have a sexy concept (though it is sexy), it has a sex concept. More than any other Kpop artist, Gain is asking you to consider sex itself as strange, beautiful, sometimes unsettling. She's asking us to look at sex as adults.

It's always wonderful to see artists elevating the conversation with their audience. But that alone wouldn't make "Paradise Lost" the MV of the Month.

Just look at the religious imagery. Though many of the song titles from Hawwah clearly have Biblical connotations, it's interesting that the songs aren't heavy-handed in religious symbolism. For "Paradise Lost" the song relies on the music video for the Old Testament imagery - there's a perfect symbiotic relationship between the song (with the pipe organs and, you know, Paradise Lost) and the video's snake and snake-like choreography. For the full experience, this song needs this video.

Gain Paradise Lost Choreography

Which leaves both very open to interpretation. We've talked about our theories. But anyone can take something else from the video. There's so much to grasp onto here and the video itself is simply stunning. Gain looks radiant in her blues and blacks. The room of mirrors, the bright room with the reflective floor (giving two different sides of Gain at the video's climax), the pipes that lead us deeper into this underworld. The colors - the greens, the blues, the striking black and whites. Those naked bodies slithering behind Gain as the video closes. This music video is undeniably epic.

Gain Paradise Lost Bodies

So what more can we say? Maybe we haven't talked enough about how Gain is a superstar, and proves it again here, though we have brought that up before. What we can point out is that there are music videos of the month and there are music videos that become iconic fixtures of Kpop - ones that we'll remember and reference for years. "Paradise Lost" is both of these things. And more.


  1. I love Ga In's paradise lost! I somehow even managed to get my english teacher to allow me to write an essay on it. It's such an interesting topic that I can't help but bring it up when I think about what to write. ^-^ (also dem bootays at the end (///) oh my ( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・'°☆


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