This Week in Kpop: March 15-21, 2015

Minah Solo Debut

Gain took over This Week in Kpop last week, so does Minah do the same with this week? Well, not quite. Minah did have her solo debut this week, but Red Velvet seemed to dominate the world of Kpop with their ice cream cakes and fanclub controversies. And with NS Yoon-G making her comeback, and CLC making their debut, you know taking this week would be an uphill battle. But enough stalling, let's get started!

Minah's "I am a Woman too"

By all rights, Minah's solo debut should have taken over Kpop this week, but Red Velvet and their "Ice Cream Cake" overshadowed Minah's chance to shine. But it's not all Red Velvet's fault. For solo debuts to be successful, they need to really leave a captivating impression, and "I am a Woman too" falls short of that. What we get instead is a serviceable debut, a catchy enough song, some chances for Minah to belt out that killer voice of hers, but nothing that will ultimately stay with you. Despite our efforts at letting this song take us away, we found we had to watch the music video multiple times, not because we were enraptured by it, but because we kept on forgetting about it, try as we might. 

Which is not to say that this song is some colossal failure - it's too safe to ever be that. The video itself is gorgeous, and Minah feels right at home as a solo star. The "I love you love you love you," hook, while simple, is just catchy enough that it could very well capture the nation's heart. Sometimes solo debuts are more about establishing the idol on their own instead of slaying the charts. Not everyone has to be a superstar like HyunA. 

But we are disappointed. Are we being too harsh here? 

NS Yoon-G's "Wifey" 

At Critical Kpop, we have a sometimes irrational love for NS Yoon-G. We know this. You know this. That's what being a fan is all about. With that in mind, we were super excited hearing about her comeback, even with "Wifey" floating around. And yes, some of these lyrics are disappointingly old-fashioned in their depiction of homemaker wives. But the beat is solid, NS Yoon-G is just the superstar we think she should be recognized for, though we doubt that recognition is going to come from this song. 

"Wifey" is more in the vein of "If You Love Me," which may be a good thing for her, as she's gotten more success from her more soulful duets. Still, we love our NS Yoon-G the most circa "I Got You" era, where she seemed primed to kick down doors and take the pop world by storm. Tucked between some major releases, and some solo female idols that just have a larger fanbase in Gain and Minah, we don't foresee "Wifey" kicking down any doors for NS Yoon-G. And that kills us. When will she get her moment? And how? 

Rap Monster's "Do You" 

We're just gonna leave this here for you. Carry on. 

CLC's "Pepe"

CLC made their much-anticipated debut this week with "Pepe." And already they're making waves. Full of energy, soul, and just the right amount of pop, these girls show a ton of personality and versatility with this catchy song. This almost felt like a showcase of what their future holds - as the video dips between a cutesy concept and fierceness, with a rap solo that simply kills. CLC might just have the best rookie debut so far this year. Keep an eye on them! 

Red Velvet Proves that Fanclub Names Aren't Earned

If you haven't heard about these other releases this week, it may just be because Red Velvet completely dominated this week. Which may make you upset. What's making many upset is that they're getting their own fanclub name, while f(x), for more than half a decade now, gets none. What's the deal, SM? We'll tell you what's the deal, right here.

Five Reasons Why Gain's "Paradise Lost" is Spellbinding

We fell absolutely in love with Gain's "Paradise Lost" MV for a variety of reasons, and we think you will too. Here are just five reasons why the music video is so mesmerizing. Check that out here!

The Farewell of Goo Hara: A Look at the Eighth Episode of "Hara On & Off"

This week we said goodbye to Hara On & Off: The Gossip, with the last episode of this series. And we're a little bummed that it's all over. Here's our final look at the complex life of Goo Hara, friends.

King and Queen: Episode 11

Our fan fiction epic continues with more surprising twists and turns! Rap Monster and Ailee find themselves in a world of trouble as they finally find...Nobody! Check out our latest episode here!

March 15-21, 2015

And that was This Week in Kpop! We were a bit disappointed with some of the major releases this week and hoping that next week really surprises us. But maybe we're being too hard on Kpop and should just enjoy the ride. Or the ice cream cake. Until next week, have fun and be safe!


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