This Week in Kpop: March 22-28, 2015

Crayon Pop FM

Crayon Pop is here to save This Week in Kpop! After a week of teasers and waiting for long-awaited comebacks that we won't get until next week, we didn't have much to keep us excited and relationship scandals, sorry, Suzy, aren't really what we love about Kpop. And then we got "FM" and all is well. We're ready to face this week head-on now. Are you?

Crayon Pop's "FM"

How can you not love this video? The video is a mix between Sailor Moon/Power Rangers/Voltron?/Halo?! In the most ridiculous way possible. You want a catchy song? You got it. You want fight crazy fight scenes from your favorite idols? Yup. You want Tuxedo Mask making a heroic sacrifice? Okay, okay. Crayon Pop always seems to be on the verge of something massively viral, sometimes they seem like they can be trying too hard to get there - but to their credit, their humor and natural charisma take them a long, long way.

This is easily the best release they've had since "Bar Bar Bar," and while "Uh-ee" wasn't a terrible song, it certainly didn't have the same breakout appeal, something they've recaptured here with "FM." Crayon Pop has certainly cemented their own strange corner in Kpop, and even with a smaller agency they've been able to accumulate a massive following from east to west. We wonder though: Can they be considered a top tier group? Answer: Yes. They've performed in America, opening for Lady Gaga - and "Bar Bar Bar" was just a step away from becoming another "Gangnam Style." We feel like they've moved beyond being an acquired taste and with the major releases of the upcoming week, it'll be interesting to see how well they perform on the charts. We think they'll be right in the thick of things. Because how can you not love them right now? They've saved this entire week for all of us.

miss A's "Only You" teaser

Hey! Butt! We're excited though a little bewildered by this teaser. miss A is one of our favorite groups and from the beginning, from the very moment they screamed: "YOU DON'T KNOW ME," we were hooked on their very fierce brand of girl-power. Now this teaser could be leading us to jump to some conclusions here, but having a peeping tom invade the lives of our favorite girl groups seems a bit counter-productive, especially since participating in the literal male gaze seems antithetical to everything miss A has done previous. But, alas, this is a teaser and for all we know miss A hunts down the pervert and smash open his head.

You may have heard about a little relationship that has been just revealed involving Suzy and Lee Min Ho that is shaking the very foundations of Kpop. We're just relieved that the news hasn't blown out of proportion and that the comeback can continue as scheduled, next week. There's another big group coming back next week? What were their names again?

EXO's "Exodus" Teasers

So what's going on here with this, what are they called, EXO? Never heard of them. We don't think they're going to make a big impact in Kpop, especially with these vague, supernatural teasers filmed throughout the country showcasing each individual member (YAWN!). Where's the music even? Nevermind, no one even cares (we're being super sarcastic here this is going to be a huge release and everyone's gonna go crazy about it oh GOODNESS). In all seriousness, next week is going to be insane in the best and worst possible ways. EXO AND miss A are coming back?! We fear for next week.

A Music Date with Suzy: A Look at the First Episode of "Real miss A"

Speaking of miss A, and specifically, Suzy (because who isn't speaking of Suzy this week), we took a look at the first episode of Real miss A, which just so happens to star the Nation's First Love. We also wonder how our perceptions of Suzy will change now that she's in a relationship? Who or what really gets hurt here? Check out our thoughts here.

We've Been Taught How to Obsess by Kpop

Noona fans, Uncle fans, saesang fans. Stanners and shippers. ELFs, Blackjacks, EXOtics, SONES, VIPs, Shawols. There are so many ways to obsess over Kpop. But what does that really mean? Check out our take here.

King and Queen: Episode 12

Can you believe we're twelve episodes deep into King and Queen already? The mystery continues as we catch up with some missing students and Detective Gary starts asking the right questions! Check out episode twelve here.

March 22-28, 2015

And that was This Week in Kpop! We wanted to thank Crayon Pop for saving the week just in time for EXO and miss A to destroy the world with their upcoming comebacks. Check in next week as we take a look at these major releases, and any other surprises Kpop will have in store for us all! Until then, have fun and be safe!


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