This Week in Kpop: March 8-14, 2015

Gain Owns All

Gain owns This Week in Kpop. She's taken over. We surrender. There's no argument, no questioning. Gain is here to take over Kpop and, for at least one week, she has. So let's get started! 

Gain's "Paradise Lost" and "Apple" 

Gain made her comeback with new mini-album Hawwah and, like we've already written, completely owned this week, friends. "Paradise Lost" is the epic, Biblical Kpop release that no one knew they wanted but now can't live without. The music is downright Gothic (which is appropriate), and Gain plays with her sexiness and sex in general in much the same way that made "Fxxk You" so incredible. It's not just a butt shake here or there, this is eroticism and it's adult. While "Fxxk You" looked at a sexually traumatizing (and abusive) relationship, "Paradise Lost" seemingly tackles untapped desire. Here, Gain takes the role of snake in that Garden of Eden. You've taken that bite and there's no turning back now. If this song becomes the hit that it's destined to be, would Kpop and its fans be in a similar situation? After embracing Gain's adult sexuality can fans really return to other idols and their silly butt wiggles and sly midriffs? I mean, after ending the video on a pile of writhing and naked male bodies, where does one go from there? This may just be the real end of Kpop's innocence.

But then there's "Apple," which is just as playful as "Paradise Lost" is erotic.

Featuring Jay Park's vocals, this release compliments "Paradise Lost" perfectly and it's nice to see to see Gain playing around with a yoga ball, out in the Sun, you know, smiling. There has been some controversy with the song receiving a 19+ rating, which is a bit surprising when you compare both the video and choreography with "Apple" to "Paradise Lost." The lyrics seem to be the qualifier here and there's definitely a more overt, descriptive sexuality: "When speaking, my bad lips go tasty, bite me, yummy." There's also the suggestion of outdoor sex that probably pushed censors over the edge. Regardless, the controversy may actually work in Gain's favor as the song has shot up to the top of many Korean charts (featuring Jay Park certainly must have helped).

We think that Hawwah is going to be a huge release and we'll be happy to see Gain win a dozen music shows and then, eventually, gather a slew of awards at the end of the year. We actually thought "Truth or Dare" should have been a bigger release than it was last year, so seeing her bounce back so quickly is great to see. But how far will "Paradise Lost" bounce? Our fingers are crossed.

Boyfriend's "Bounce" 

Boyfriend, Kpop's most fun, literary, and bonkers Kpop group, came back this week with their take on Alice in Wonderland in "Bounce." Boyfriend's obsession with redefining classic stories and themes really makes them unique in the world of Kpop. So you know already that you're going to love this video. But what about the song? Well, it's no "Janus" (one of our favorite Kpop songs ever), and it may not be quite as memorable as "Obsession," with a song that felt more complex and a video so convoluted that it required repeated viewings. But it's at least as good as "Witch" and the "Bounce, come with me, bounce, come with me..." chorus is a great hook (as is the often repeated, sometimes auto-tuned "Bounce more"). Overall, it's a solid continuation of their themes, and is another fun, creative concept. No need to delve too deeply here, just enjoy!

Rap Monster's "Awakening" 

We've written about Rap Monster extensively last week as well as reviewed his "P.D.D." But "Awakening," his examination of his art, his failures, and his soul, is another stellar release that we're just going to leave here for you. Take a look. Have a listen. Thank us later.

Review: Rap Monster Drops "P.D.D" Ahead of Upcoming Mixtape 

Speaking of Rap Monster (and when are we not speaking about him lately?), Staff Writer 'L' gave a close look at his "P.D.D" release this week and gives us a review that you really should read right here.

Seeking the "Rainbow" of Human Dignity in Kpop

Planet Shiver, along with Crush, had an intriguing and, perhaps, revolutionary release last week that we just had to address. "Rainbow" brings out the idealistic streak in us, and you can read more about how that's so important right here.

Paint it Black: A Review of Fiestar's First Mini-Album

This week wasn't all Gain and Rap Monster, though that's what we may lead you to believe. We also took a look at an underrated group that we're hoping can reach that next level. Can they do that with Black Label? Check out our review here.

King and Queen: Episode 10

Can you believe we're at Episode 10 already? We can. And speaking of Rap Monster, he's the leading man to our fan fiction epic drama. Check out the latest episode here.

March 8-14, 2015

And that was Gain's This Week in Kpop! Gain easily won this week and will maybe win this year with Hawwah, but, as we've been told over and over again, EXO and Big Bang are just around the corner. Next week should prove to be just as compelling. Just so you know, we're monitoring the apparent fall of Polaris (but don't want to speculate until more facts are out). We'll be sure to look at the situation soon. But until then, have fun and be safe!


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