Critical Kpop Podcast - Episode 1

We're excited to introduce the brand new Critical Kpop Podcast! Join 'L,' Tim Moore, and Zander Stachniak as they discuss the clever censorship of EXID's "Ah Yeah," BASTARZ (or BASTARDS?) and the apparent racism in "Conduct Zero," JYP and his butt obsession--we mean "Who's Your Mamma," and the sexy construction workers of Girl's Generation's "Catch Me If You Can."

You can subscribe to the Critical Kpop Podcast on iTunes, or check this and future episodes out at You can expect a healthy serving of news, reviews, and critical analysis in every episode. The Critical Kpop Podcast is the only podcast that invites you to LISTEN HARDER.


  1. Is King and Queen going to published tomorrow then?
    Almost died when I didn't get my weekly fix ��

    1. Oh no! We didn't mean to deprive you! King and Queen will be back and all new next Friday!


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