Standard Press Release for All Exo Departures

Rumors have been circulating recently that Kris Luhan Tao may be leaving the popular award-winning record-setting group, Exo. Citing health issues and unfair treatment, Kris Luhan Tao is reported to have requested contract termination from SM Entertainment. If true, he would be the first second third member to leave the group.

Speculation on the future of Kris Luhan Tao was further fueled by news that member Kris Luhan Xiumin Lay has recently deleted his Instagram account. Although fans of Kris Luhan Tao are hoping the rumors prove to be unfounded, sources close to Kris Luhan Tao have warned us all to watch for a future statement. Fans of Exo showed their support on social media by trending #WeBelieveInYouKrisLuhanTao and #WeAreOne. Fans were especially concerned that Exo’s popular Exology Chapter 1: The Lost Planet Exodus album would be forever mired by this controversy. There is still no hope that Exo-M will survive this these departure(s).

The intense focus on SM’s management practices have also raised eyebrows, with many fans suggesting that the unexpected Red Velvet release, Happiness Be Natural (wait for it), is an attempt to draw attention away from the developing scandal. Unfair management practices have made headlines recently with several major entertainment companies, including Stardom Entertainment Star Empire Entertainment TS Entertainment, facing litigation.

Hopefully, SM Entertainment has learned their lesson with Kris Luhan Tao and will have better relations with their artists. We’re optimistic pessimistic.


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