This Week in Kpop: April 5-11, 2015

Sooyoung SNSD

This Week in Kpop is brought to you by Sooyoung's eyes! Yes, Girls' Generation is back this week with "Catch Me if You Can," a simultaneous release for Korea and Japan (but not their major Korean comeback, which is still forthcoming, so calm yourselves). The rest of the Kpop world was quiet most of the week, with Exo dominating the charts, as expected. Still, we were presented quite a few intriguing teasers and next week promises to be very crowded indeed. But enough stalling, let's get started! Girls' Generation - take it away! 

Girls' Generation's "Catch Me if You Can" 

Okay, okay. Everyone needs to just calm down. No, this is not the greatest SNSD song ever. No, it's not another "I Got a Boy" or even "Mr. Mr." But this song never was meant to be a major Korean release (again, that's upcoming!). This is like getting a free appetizer with your steak. And that appetizer just happens to be a burger, which is still pretty good (unless, we suppose, you're a vegetarian). Bad metaphors aside, this is still a solid song that dips into more EDM than we're used to hearing from the group. The choreography and synchronicity from the girls is spot on, and with each listen the song grows on us more and more. 

But the important thing about this release is seeing Girls' Generation as eight instead of nine. And it does feel a bit strange to not see or hear Jessica. Her vocals sorely missed. But SNSD will continue to prosper. They'll evolve and change course a bit, but by now they're an institution. We miss Jessica too, but we can still appreciate SNSD for what they've done, who they still are, and what they mean to Korea and Kpop. So calm down and wait for they're real comeback already! 

(Block B subgroup) Bastarz' teaser 

U-Kwon. B-Bomb. P.O. In their own subgroup, ready to destroy us. Are you excited yet? We're just happy to see some of the lesser known Block B members take the spotlight, especially with a song that seems to embrace their hip hop roots. This video looks tough, mean, and dirty, which we haven't seen enough off from boy groups this year. 2015 needs this subgroup, now more than ever. 

EXID's "Ah Yeah" teaser 

EXID gave us a provocative teaser this week to their highly anticipated comeback. We're not sure if the video itself will have the blurring censor effect which may really be directly targeting censorship in Korean media. could just be a part of the teaser, a clever attempt at wetting fan anticipation. Whatever it is, we're excited that EXID is coming back and are curious to see how well "Ah Yeah" will do after EXID's unexpected breakout hit, "Up & Down." We're rooting for these girls but wonder how they'll fare against the miss As and Girls' Generations of the Kpop world. Or maybe, just maybe, the Korean music industry is big and strong enough for all of them to be successful these coming weeks? Stay tuned. 

Dal Shabet's "Joker" teaser

EXID is not the only girl group that's making an anticipated comeback. Dal Shabet has dealt with injury and illness pretty much all of last year and fans are itching to see their return. While that one major hit has so far eluded them, we feel like they've always been just on the verge of a big release. "Have, Don't Have" is an absolute classic and both "Be Ambitious" and "Big Baby Baby" are memorable. They've always been quirky, hard working, and fun. So, will this be Dal Shabet's moment? We're excited for this release, even though, from the looks of the teaser, there seems to be an emphasis on butt. Hopefully that emphasis won't be a complete reliance, and Dal Shabet will shock the Kpop world with some unique chart-topping song. 

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April 5-11, 2015

And that was This Week in Kpop! Next week promises to be a major one with some highly-anticipated releases! Be sure to check in as we take a look at these releases and all the major stories in the world of Kpop! Until then, have fun and be safe! 


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