This Week in Kpop: March 29-April 4, 2015

Exo Comeback

Exo. miss A. Mamamoo. Do we need to write more? Let's get This Week in Kpop started already!

With "Exodus," Exo Prove They're Here to Stay: A Review

The long, horrible wait is finally over! We'd just be happy Exodus has been released, especially since the release date seemed so nebulous. Good thing for us all that "Call Me Baby" is as slick and polished as it could be, and that they seem to have overcome all of the bad press they've suffered through 2014, which must have truly been a roller coaster for them all. Make no mistake, Exo is a phenomenon. They're the freaking Beatles. Every single day must be a roller coaster for them and the pressure and scrutiny must be intense. But then they just kill it with their live performances.

No small task with a group this big and one so scrutinized. Hopefully they'll get through this comeback without any major scandals breaking out, which is harder than you'd think with the media and some of their own fans following their every move. But enough about that - let's talk about their music! We did a review of their new album that you can check out right here!

miss A's "Only You"

Some are saying that this is one of the best girl group release of the year. According to their all-kill status with this release, it's hard to argue, and we do enjoy the song. Still, it's hard to really consider this one of their greats, especially since this is easily their most stereotypically "girly" promotional song. To be fair, most girl groups have done far more in this department, but to go from "I Don't Need a Man" to this in just two years is a bit deflating. There's also the part of the song where miss A essentially performs for their peeping Tom (viewed from a binocular perspective shot) that is just baffling, especially with them singing, "Only you." What's being conveyed here? We just don't understand. But no one else seems to be bothered by this for some reason.

Don't get us wrong. We love miss A, and we think that "Bad Girl, Good Girl" is one of the greatest Kpop songs ever. They're a fascinating group and they've always released great songs and compelling videos that really highlight their individuality and their empowerment as young, modern Korean women. "Only You" is another great song to listen to. But the message here - the longing, the devotion to that one man...well, it's just something any other girl group would do. And miss A isn't like any other girl group, which makes this release disappointing for us.

Mamamoo and Esna's "Ahh Oop!" 

During a week with major releases from the likes of miss A and Exo, you're not going to see a lot of other releases. With that in mind, we were pleasantly surprised by this collaboration between Esna and our faves, Mamamoo, giving us a charming, though ultimately unspectacular, release. "Ahh Oop!" continues Mamamoo's retro vibe and adds another song onto their already impressive resume. It's not going to be a game changer for them but it's not meant to be a killer comeback, we see this more like a little treat for all of their fans. Mamamoo has held with the strategy of making key collaborations, and though this is no "Peppermint Chocolate," "Ahh Opp!" is a fun song that doesn't betray their essential, stylish ethos. We're just happy to see one of our favorite rookies from last year again. Also, we should point out, we're kind of in love with Solar now (just saying).

MV of the Month: Gain, "Paradise Lost"

March came to a close this week and we had to crown the music video of the month in a very competitive field. Spoiler: Gain's "Paradise Lost" wins by a mile. Read about why we chose "Paradise Lost" right here!

Three Steps Backward: Feminism in Pop Music

This week's miss A music video really got us thinking about some of the recent releases from our favorite female idols and what they're saying about culture, feminism, and the ever-present male gaze. Check out our closer look at some of these issues here.

Min Gives a Tour: A Look at the Second Episode of "Real miss A"

Wow, we've written a lot about miss A this week! Well, we're continuing our look at their short web series, Real miss A, which continues with episode two, starring Min. Min is actually a very compelling figure, and we delve into how she fits into miss A and how she perceives herself as an idol. Let's take a look right here!

King and Queen: Episode 13

Episode 13 of our fan fiction spectacular ratchets the drama and mystery even further as we finally reveal the identities of the Nameless! And with this episode: everything changes! Don't believe us? Check out episode 13 of King and Queen right here!

March 29-April 4, 2015

And that was This Week in Kpop! Major releases from Exo and miss A made this an unforgettable week. But who will dominate next week? Probably Exo, honestly, but you never know! That's what makes Kpop so wonderful! Until next week, have fun and be safe!


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