This Week in Kpop: May 17-23, 2015

SHINee Kidnapped

This Week in Kpop is brought to you by the boys of summer! SHINee! Now's the time to admire the "View," (get it?!) but with all the other major releases this week, can SHINee really dominate? Let's stop stalling and get started already!

SHINee's "View"

We have to admit: we kind of hate the summer season in Kpop. Not only has Sistar been stuck on the beach for what seems like ages, tis the season for bland summer releases with interchangeable summer fun. With "View," we get a different take on this, as SHINee is literally kidnapped by hot models who force them to have fun. Which they almost immediately do, abandoning the whole concept quicker than you can say "Stockholm!"

The song itself is fun and may just be the first song of the summer (our hate for the musical season does not forbid us from loving many of the songs). Still, this is nowhere near as amazing a release as, say, "Sherlock," or "Why So Serious?" We were waiting for Taemin to break loose here, especially since his solo debut was so killer last year. But what we get instead from the video is blurred, lit up, and often blinding (we're talking the dance scenes). What we do see is rather subpar and boyish for our tastes, but maybe we're missing out here?

But really, we're just glad to see SHINee back and to get reassurances that they haven't been forgotten in some creaky SM dungeon. We're not blown away by this release, and only after a few listens have we come to enjoy this song more. With groups like Monsta X breaking the scene, Kpop boy groups are going to have even more competition out there. Can SHINee keep up? Will SM let them?

Monsta X's "Trespass"

Try not to dance to Monsta X's "Trespass." We challenge you! Let us introduce you to your next favorite Kpop boy group. With just enough talent and energy, and maybe most importantly, the urgency, "Trespass" is a jolt of musical adrenaline and the video is just silly enough (in a prison setting, no less) to be memorable. Watch out world, Monsta X is here and they're gonna be HUGE.

History's "Might Just Die"

We've had a soft spot for History ever since their debut, Freddy Mercury inspired, "Dreamer." But, like all Kpop groups, they've long weaved away from their "roots." This feels like a spiritual sequel to their "Psycho" and looks more BTS than swing. That being said, "Might Just Die" is a solid release and the choreography is leaps beyond the likes of SHINee's dance moves for "View" (sorry). And then there's some metaphysical stuff at the end of the video that's compelling, though, with "Psycho," they may soon be getting the reputation of being the worst boyfriends in Kpop (even worse than, well, Boyfriend)!

Jay Park's "MOMMAE"

If JYP achieved Maximum Booty with "Who's Your Mama," Jay Park has topped that and must be at Triple Booty level with "MOMMAE." We'll just leave this here and let you (dear reader) extrapolate.

Review: Kim Sung Kyu’s "27"

Here's a solo release that we think and would have thought would be getting more attention right now. Maybe if he called himself Infinite K? Here's our review of Kim Sung Kyu's wonderful "27."

BIG BANG™: The Real Kpop Taste, Without The Real Kpop Guilt

Order now! Supplies are limited!! Check out your favorite Kpop group in the whole world right here!

King and Queen: Episode 19

The penultimate episode is here and you are in for a shock! King and Queen reaches the endgame and nothing in Kpop High will ever be the same! Check out the surprises here!

Preview: CL (along with Diplo, RIFF RAFF, and OG MACO's "Doctor Pepper" 

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming for CL in America, friends. While we're not really digging "Doctor Pepper" as a single, we're really hearing the start of CL becoming a bonafide American pop star. Check out what's in store for all of us, right here.

May 17-23, 2015

And that was This Week in Kpop! We've certainly missed one or two big releases this week (to error is to be human), so let us and the world know what we're missing in the comments! And we're curious, dear reader, what do you think of SHINee's comeback? We're a little "meh" about it, but if you're in love with this release, we'd like to get your views too! Until next week, have fun and be safe!


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