This Week in Kpop: June 7-13, 2015

A slow week in Kpop? Maybe compared to the ridiculous extravagance of last week’s double-BIGBANG and Exo releases. But this week’s no slouch. Let’s find out what hidden gems await!

MBLAQ - “Mirror”

MBLAQ is back! The three-member boy group released their 8th mini album this week, and the first since the departure of Thunder and Lee Joon. The titular single, “Mirror,” is an emotional rollercoaster, and seems to be inspired by the loss of two members. Fans were quick to point out the symbolism of two extra jackets in the backseat of the car, as well as the two closed doors at the end of the song. The lyrics fit this reading as well:

People say I look sad
Even when I pretend that nothing’s wrong
But I can’t hide my heart because of my sad eyes
I’ll forget you as the days go by
But my heart still hurts, what do I do?
I pretend to be okay without you

It’s a heartbreaking song, but the emotion, if anything, makes the music even better. It’s clear that the men of MBLAQ have something they need to work through, and maybe music is the perfect outlet. What do you think? Are you liking Mirror?

Jane Jong - “Eat”

Jane Jong (Jang Jae-in) returned this week with a new single “Eat” from her album Liquid. Didn’t know she was gone? For fans of the artist, it’s been three long years since her last release! Jane Jong made a name for herself on Superstar K2, finishing third, but winning plenty of fans along the way. With such gorgeous folk music and an artistic MV, it should come as no surprise that Jane Jong is signed to Mystic89. Liquid might just be the best folk album we’ve heard this year!

Rare Potato (feat. Hani of EXID) - “Fake Illness”

There’s another potato collaboration! When was the first one, you ask? Well, when Solji of EXID collaborated with Welldone Potato for “Shouldn’t Have Treated You Well.” Rare Potato is the brother group to Welldone Potato, and this time they’ve recruited Hani of EXID (for vocals) and Ray of C-Clown (for acting). Okay, the music video is just a lot of Ray sitting in a bathtub (fully clothed, I’m sorry, false alarm, please resume your normal activities). But the song is beautiful, and you won’t be disappointed you listened! Is there more potato on the way? All signs point to yes.

Krystal & Kisum - “Whitestyle”

Nope, not a true MV, but another clever (and enjoyable!) CF. The duo of Krystal and Kisum are teaming up in this playful and stylish romp to advertise White, a maker of feminine hygiene products.

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June 7-13, 2015

And that was this week in Kpop! True, it lacked the explosiveness of last week, but there was still a lot to love. Until next week, have fun and be safe!


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