This Week in Kpop: May 31-June 6, 2015

BIGBANG - "Bang Bang Bang"

New releases from Big Bang and Exo. Both in the same week. Yes, you've died and gone to heaven. And heaven is This Week in Kpop! Let's get started!

Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang" and "We Like 2 Party"

Big Bang's incredible year continues with not just one, but two candidates for song of the summer. Maybe the Songs of the Summer? "Bang Bang Bang" took us a minute to get beyond some rapid transitions. Now we can appreciate it for the dance floor masterpiece that it is. And can't you just picture "We Like 2 Party" in a stadium concert, fans singing along, cheering through their tears (of happiness)? This song seems like it was designed for just that occasion. 

Is there any doubt that 2015 belongs to Big Bang? Every release is a gift. Every live performance a miracle. Already the releases have an aura of mythology behind them - with stories of Big Bang being at least mildly intoxicated during the filming of "We Like 2 Party" filling our Twitter feeds. We're loving it. There will certainly never be another Big Bang, and there probably will never be a release schedule as ambitious as we've gotten from them this year. It's almost bad business (except with Big Bang, everything is good business) and has likely tied up the rest of YG until October (AKMU). And, honestly, can all their upcoming songs really keep topping each other? Really? 

Forget all that. You'll be telling your kids about Big Bang's 2015 years from now, when Big Bang is making their latest comeback on the Moon. 

Exo's "Love Me Right" 

Not to be outdone, Exo returned this week with a repackaged album, Love Me Right, featuring four new songs for the Exo-L faithful. The promotional single, "Love Me Right," has our guys playing (American) football, mixing chemicals, and smashing stuff. It's a jazzy song with a Michael Jackson feel during the verses that's sure to get you moving. We can't help but notice Tao's absence, but we're trying to think positively. Any Exo release is good news, right? We're still waiting to see how Exo does going head-to-head against BIGBANG for the first time!

Critical Kpop Podcast

Bang Bang Bang! Big Bang isn't the only Boyband that's dominating Kpop as of late! And Exo isn't the only competition! Here's our look at the rise of the boybands, in the only Kpop podcast that asks you to LISTEN HARDER. 

What is Kpop?

Here's an easy question: What exactly is Kpop? Think about it for a minute. We know how easy it is to simply answer with: Korean. Pop. But take another minute, or maybe five, to read our examination of this very question! And then get back to us with a straight answer!

Kara - "Cupid"

So, Kara's back. And, "Cupid?" Not a bad song. But we think that Kara's about due for a change. Take a look at how we'd go about that right here! 

May 31-June 6, 2015 

And that was This Week in Kpop! Can you believe we've gotten new releases from both Big Bang and Exo in the same week? We don't deserve such good fortune, ever. Throw us a strong girl group release and 2015 will be an amazing year! Maybe we'll get one next week? We shall see. Until then, have fun and be safe! 


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