MV of the Month: Infinite's 'Bad'

July has been jam-packed with big-name Kpop releases. But, of course, there can only be one music video of the month! With the stakes higher than ever, Zander Stachniak and Tim Moore sit down to discuss why INFINITE's "Bad" deserves the title of MV of the Month for July of 2015.

INFINITE - "Bad" (360 VR version)

Zander: To me, "Bad" was an obvious choice for MV of the Month. It's all about ambition. So many groups use summer as an excuse to release sub-par music or concepts that lack any ingenuity. But INFINITE went the opposite direction, releasing what, I think, is maybe the most ambitious project I've seen all year.

Tim: In total agreement here, Zander! I actually would have been satisfied with "Bad" with the more traditional video, as it's a killer song in a very middling, relatively safe (boring) summer. But the VR version really puts this release on another level, which is really what you should be going for with your music video anyway, right? The 360 movement really adds an interactive layer here that makes it endlessly re-watchable. One time I just focused on inanimate objects, like that random deer in the hallway, and those mirrors! Every time you watch this video, if you're skilled enough on your mouse, could be a different experience. Talk about inventive, right?!

Zander: The interactive nature of the 360 VR version is such a big deal! Cinema (and any kind of film media) is often discussed as being defined by an absence. As viewers, we watch, we witness, but we are unable to change anything. We're there, but we're also absent. Virtual reality changes our relationship with viewable media. Suddenly we can move the camera around, zoom in on one expression, or even ignore the main spectacle. It's not true interactivity, not yet, but it's close! The 360 VR version allows each viewer to have his or her own experience!

Tim: What's great about this "viewer experience" is that this music video has a life of its own as well. 'L' wrote about the music video earlier this month and a lot of the symbolism with duality and mirrors that the "original" music video conveys. A lot of that bleeds into the 360 VR version and how we can essentially see what's on the other side of this "mirror" reality, or, as it may be, "realities." That's some quantum-level physics up in here! L actually goes into more detail about the craziness better than I ever could, so why don't I link her article right here?

INFINITE - "Bad" (standard version)

Zander: Absolutely. "Bad" is not just a video with virtual reality frills, it has real purpose behind it. Speaking of quantum-level physics though, I think the best view I've found is to look directly down when the guys are in the hallway. You can see all their reflections at the same time, going in four different directions. It's worth the trip. So check out INFINITE's "Bad," our vote for MV of the Month, and let us know what your favorite moments of the video are!


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