This Week in Kpop: August 23-29, 2015

This Week in Kpop was a quiet affair, as fans had a chance to soak in major releases from SNSD and HyunA. But was this week completely dominated by Queens and Queens alone? Let's stop stalling and get started already!

Get Ready for September Comebacks

Okay, August is ending with a whimper instead of a bang, but September promises to be something special! Starting with Big Bang of course! YG recently announced a slight delay in their full album release, but the upside to this news is that they might be adding new songs. Yes, the Year of Big Bang might continue on a little longer! A big question on our minds is whether the September 15 debut of iKON will coincide with Big Bang's release. For the sake of the nugus, we hope YG gives them a fair chance to shine!

Enough about the guys, already! September should welcome back EXID (sponsored by butt legs some other body part) and Red Velvet (sponsored by scandal ice cream who knows)! Another big name release we'll need to start prepping for is f(x) who will be coming back as a group of four after having finally parted ways with Sulli. We don't like to see anything happen to one of our favorite girl groups, but compared to the losses suffered by Exo and Girls' Generation, we think f(x) fans have gotten off easy. Expect their next release in late September.

Another Jay Park album is on the way, as well as a new single from PSY. We think this release might see PSY return to his roots (i.e. satire rather than stereotype), and we could not be happier. Speaking of happy, it's good to see Ladies' Code returning following the tragic loss of EunB and RiSE. We have our reservations about their comeback, there being plenty of land mines that could be tripped in this kind of situation. Their single, "Smile Even If It Hurts," promises heavy emotion either way. And, last but not least, September should see the return of one of our favorite debut artists from 2014, Purfles! They even have a new Instagram account to back it up!

Clash of the Girl Groups: Second Opinion 

The Clash of the Girl Groups continues! We were dealing with releases so big that we needed a second opinion! Will opinions clash or will common ground be reached? And here's a tough question: who's dominating and who's coasting? Find out all of the answers you desire, right here!

Why I Hate Music Shows, Part 2: Judgment System

Zander Stachniack strikes again! His take-down of your favorite music shows has just begun! And here comes part two, where he examines the elusive judgment system! What's so wrong with the judgment systems anyway? Read here to find out!

August 23-29, 2015

And that was This Week in Kpop! This was one for the record books - on, ultimately, how uneventful it was! But we're still here and so should you! We'll be here next week, new news or no! Until then, have fun and be safe!


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