This Week in Kpop: August 9-15, 2015

HyunA Mini-Album Teaser

This Week in Kpop is brought to you by the Queens. Yes, there are many groups and idols that are referred to as the Queens of Kpop, at one point or another, but the stars are about to align, friends, and the Queeniest Queens of Kpop are gearing to comeback at just about the same time. But this week was about the tease. Why don't we get started already?

HyunA Teases, Offends? SLAYS. 

HyunA may just be the current Queen of Kpop. Because let's be honest here. HyunA's "Red" was one of the best major releases in all of 2014. It even won our Music Video of the Year! This preview of the upcoming album looks like a continuation of this offbeat, audaciousness that seems to have been perfected in 4Minute's "Crazy" earlier this year. So how is HyunA going to top...herself? Maybe Doctor Seuss can help us out here?

Will HyunA top herself by not wearing a top? 

Will she top herself by not topping her vehicle off?  

or...Will she top herself by...heavily implied drug use ahhhhhhh??! *world ends*

HyunA Coke

The strangest part about all of this is how the internet seems strangely calm when HyunA is trying to destroy their world here. Is the somewhat conservative Kpop culture shifting ever further into decadence? Or has HyunA transcended the haters and shamers? Whatever has altered in our reality, we're glad for this sea change, however slight, as HyunA's really not doing much different from Big Bang's major releases. Come on, have you seen "Zutter?!" (Dr. Seuss: "Will HyunA top herself by topping T.O.P?")

We lied about the strangest part being the internet's *relatively* calm reaction. The strangest part is that this is a mini-album trailer and we're not getting teased with any of the music! HyunA has transcended music, apparently. And at three million views and counting, her teaser has transcended teasing too. (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN)

SNSD's "Lion Heart" Redemption

You hold your tongue, because HyunA isn't the only queen here in This Week in Kpop. Girl's Generation teased us this week with their upcoming "Lion Heart," in their trilogy of releases. And we have to say, this second release may just be their redemption after the boring, forgettable "Party." In all fairness, this was just a pre-release, but the problem is that this wholly unremarkable song was treated, by many, as the song of the summer, and they have the music show wins to prove it. Except that it wasn't the song of the summer, not by a long shot. We know that SNSD holds a place in so many hearts, but we repeat. "Party" was not the song of the summer.

But "Lion Heart?" This song seems to have the energy, that quintessential hook, and naturally enigmatic energy that was missing in the Disney-inspired Kidz Bop-approved "Party." Yes, the video has the standard SM cheese, and, by their reactions in the video, these grown women still never have even talked to a guy before, but this song actually sounds memorable and fun. We're rooting for SNSD here, as we root for all of the queens of Kpop. "Lion Heart" may be just the redemption we need from SNSD right now.

Diplo x CL x RiFF RAFF x OG Maco's "Doctor Pepper"

An entirely different queen had a release this week, or should we say, pre-release? You've probably heard "Doctor Pepper" already months ago, and we weren't really jazzed about the song then either. But this music video is interesting in how CL is bridging the gap, slowly but surely, from Kpop to western music. Not sure how to feel about that? You may be forced to make a difficult choice here, friend

Wonder Girls "Reboot": The Full Review

Wonder Girls came back last week and we had a whole week to listen to the reboot. By now, you have to, so you can read Zander Stachniak's review right here and tell him what's up!

August 9-15, 2015

And that was This Week in Kpop! Yes, we've been slowly returning from our summer vacations just as Kpop seems to be gearing up for one last summer score. Are you ready? We'll try to be. Until then, have fun and be safe!


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