This Week in Kpop: September 20-26, 2015

Ailee Bad

This Week in Kpop was definitely a snoozer compared to last week and its massive releases! But that didn't mean nothing happened, Jack! I fact, there's a certain Queen who's here to reclaim her throne...

Ailee is Back!

THE QUEEN IS BACK. Well, almost. As we've said, this week was the polar opposite of last week and the massive releases all clumped together. But we did get sufficiently teased by Ailee's upcoming album, Vivid, her first full length album...ever. Somehow, we didn't realize that she hasn't had a full album yet, but we have high hopes here, since Ailee has the vocals and the charisma to be a superstar for decades, friends. What should be encouraging is that "Mind Your Own Business" looks sufficiently ridiculous in the best Kpop ways possible - and we're digging the possible anti-authority vibe of the teaser and smashing cars for no reason (probably: REVENGE). We love our Kpop with a little 'tude.

BUT what we do worry about is Ailee getting that killer song that shoots her through the roof. "Don't Touch Me" was a popular release and all signs point to an upward trajectory for her career, but we felt that the song, besides incorporating a Gospel feel, fell a bit flat as a major pop release.

The song certainly didn't stick with us like "I'll Show You" or "U&I" or even "Heaven," and certainly didn't hold a memorable hook that stuck with us for the whole year. The attitude, the vocals, the charisma were there. But the song was middling, passable, and, honestly, kind of boring. We say this out of love. Ailee is one of our favorite idols EVER. She even starred in our Fan Fiction!

All we're saying is that Ailee deserves a better release than "Don't Touch Me." Ailee deserves a slaying release-sing along in bars-mega hit that will stay in your head for years and years. And we have high hopes. Fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed.

Brown Eyed Girls are Back Too??

BROWN EYED GIRLS ARE COMING BACK IN OCTOBER. WE REPEAT: BROWN EYED GIRLS ARE COMING BACK IN OCTOBER!! With the producer of "Sixth Sense" and "Abracadabra," one of the best Kpop releases OF ALL TIME. Did you forget? HOW COULD YOU FORGET?

Shame on you. 

Gary's "Joa" (featuring Jay Park) and "Get Some Air" (featuring Miwoo)

Gary released not one, but TWO music videos this week, with "Get Some Air," besides some melodramatic crying, winning out with a more complex jam than the more smooth and scandalously steamy "Joa." Miwoo really brings life to the song with a killer chorus and Gary's flows are, as always, on point. "Joa" has a video that's a bit distracting with the racy sex scene in the middle of the video (but this a Gary video, so what did you expect??). But why compare? Both of these songs are strong releases on a quiet week. Enjoy them already!

Berry Good's "My First Love"

Berry Good made some news this week with their ballad, "My First Love" and their tearful performances of music shows. Apparently, the songwriter/composer of this song, Ju Taeyeong, wrote this while he was suffering from a blood cancer, and has since passed. While we've never been a fan of ballads, but this song, perhaps because of the illness of the composer, or the affections of the singers, or maybe just with our changed perception of the release, seems more soulful and emotionally resonating. Worth a listen, friends!

Amber's "Beautiful"

We missed this special video for Amber's "Beautiful," which came out of nowhere, but still. No matter how you feel about "Shake that Brass," and we were notably unimpressed, "Beautiful" is a powerful song with a great message. We're glad that SM released a music video for it, special or not, even with possibility of being lost in the shuffle with Red Velvet and Super Junior. Watch this! Now!

Throwback Discussion: VIXX's "Error"

This week we brought you a little something different, bringing a conversation between Hafsa Tameez and Gayathri Ravindran on last year's spellbinding "Error" music video by VIXX. What do the uncover? Find out here!

September 20-26, 2015

And that was This Week in Kpop! Yes, it was a quiet week! But we're still and so are you, and that's all that matters! Until next week, have fun and be safe!


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