This Week in Kpop: October 11-17, 2015

BTOB Way Back Home

This Week in Kpop may just shock you when we tell you that BTOB is the real deal! Don't believe us? Well, you haven't even heard our reasons yet, so that's rude! But anyway, we're here to prove you wrong. Let's get started!

BTOB is Way Back Home!

And they haven't even been gone too long! This summer's "It's Okay" was a smooth R&B classic with a plot-heavy (sometimes ridiculous) ultimately uplifting music video. Many fandoms decry their respective idols' underrated state, but no group may have more of a claim on this title than BTOB, in the era of groups like BTS and Exo and VIXX, BTOB can fulfill their own niche of this new Boy Band era, with excellent releases like "Beep Beep..."

Or the ridiculous "You're so Fly" here:

Or how about the amazing "Wow" which is

So what is that niche? While they started with more traditional extra poppy boy band releases like "Insane," they've recently shifted their focus, slowing their tempo down considerably. They've released songs like this week's "Way Back Home," another smooth, soft pop single that may not light up the charts, but serves well as a counterpart to the "harder" hip hop turn that groups like Block B and BTS are shepherding. We're talking silky smooth vocals here.

Even the music video is longer than most, as BTOB practices their acting chops with this eight minute tale that degenerates, somehow, into a free-for-all brawl. Which is to say that we had to watch "Way Back Home" (without the benefit of understanding Korean) multiple times to get an idea with what was happening. But maybe that's part of BTOB's new charm - they require you to work a bit more, to pay attention a little longer - their soft tracks may not hook you immediately, aren't flashy in the least, but give them time and, as we so often say, listen harder. The rewards will be plentiful (TRUST US).

Twice Teased

Just about all year we've been waiting for the killer girl group debut, and while we've been impressed with the likes of G-Friend, Sonamoo, and, recently, Oh My Girl, there wasn't a real girl group that has truly captured our attention, or our hearts. But could that girl group finally arrive with the likes of Twice? We've been teased all week with pics, videos of the individual members, and now an instrumental track list, which just shows how invested JYP is into this group's success (a built-in fandom won over by his Sixteen reality show sure will help). The video, as we are led to believe by all the various teasers, will also feature zombie, which seems to have worked out for 4Minute and T-ara.

Fingers. Crossed.

Mamamoo Knows How to take a Break!

Speaking of rookies, 2014 rookies Mamamoo are showing just what to do in between major releases! You don't hide a group away for a year right when they build momentum (cough*AKMU*cough), you have them do OST's, like the stunning Solar here (cough*BIAS*cough) or feature Moonbyul in collaborations with singers like U Sung Eun. Mamamoo has already had an amazing 2015, but while they take a break between releases it's smart they remain active and present, building their fanbase further and further. Just saying.

Critical Kpop Podcast - Episode 7: Obsession

This week Tim and Zander continued their Guy's Night In with a look at obsessions. Why do we love what we love? We take a look at one of our favorite music video's ever, NS Yoon-G's "I Got You," as we try to unravel this mystery! You can take the journey with us here!

October 11-17, 2015

And that was This Week in Kpop! Still don't believe BTOB is the real deal? Think Twice is going to bomb? Let us know in the comments! Until next week, have fun and be safe!


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