Critical Kpop Podcast - Episode 16: Goodbye 20(15)

2015 is (almost) over - what will the new year bring? On today's episode, we share our predictions and revisit some highlights from the last 365 days. Which of the big three agencies had the best year? What songs will Sarah, Tim, and Zander choose to represent 2015? Take a listen, friend!

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  1. Thanks Zander/ Tim/ Sarah - CriticalKpop is a breath of fresh air in the sea of commercialized, gossip laden K-Pop sites! Most of all, I love your honest (& positive) perspectives of the K-Pop scene. You guys put proper thought into your articles.

    I liked the theme 'the year that was and predictions for 2016' on your final podcast of 2015. Here are my thoughts...

    If 2015 was the comeback year for the giants like Big Bang and SNSD, 2016 will be about the new generation. We all expect (or already heard) of new groups from SM, YG, FNC, Starship, etc. So it will be brutal clearing of many old, 'mediocre' groups. The big winners? I have to call them by agency - JYP, SM and FNC.

    I also believe 2016 will see K-Pop agencies trailblazing into China. And I do mean these new groups will be based there and sing in Mandarin.

    Will 2016 see greater diversity in K-Pop? Probably, I think Hyukoh Band and Zion T. have sowed the seeds for alternative music. But, but.... I believe next year is really a transition year for K-Pop. So If you think 2016 will be exciting, just wait till you get a load of 2017!


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