Critical Kpop Podcast - Episode 20: The Rise and Fall and Fall of Kara

On today's episode of the Critical Kpop Podcast we say goodbye to one of Kpop's most iconic groups. Join Tim and Zander as they chart the rise and fall (and fall) of Kara with a close analysis of twelve of their hit singles! Yes, twelve! Listen to find out when Kara finally "Jumped the Damaged Lady," as Tim so eloquently put it. Or, in the inimitable words of Stevie Smith, how long have Kara been "not waving but drowning"?

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  1. Loved this! I hope you guys do more retrospectives like this. (And I agree that Step is their pinnacle)

  2. You should do an episode about all the artist vs. company lawsuits (kara, block b, bap, exo, txvq/jyj ect.) and like why they happened, how it was settled, and what their pre and post suit career and sound are

  3. Kara is already part of K-Pop folklore and I think many fans will continue to follow the members' careers. They are after all, just aged between 21-27 years!

    Just like how everyone recognises a James Bond OST, Kara's songs had a signature sound and feel - and I loved it!

    They gave SNSD a run for their money during the "Mister", "Lupin" days and were just amazing in "Step" (one of my favourite songs ever!).

    Kara seemed "the little engine that could" - despite changes in themes, members and lawsuits, they always came back strong. Gyuri once said "Kara wasn't a smooth sail. The suffering really.. wasn't a joke...". Maybe Gyuri was one of their 'little engines'.

    Or maybe Kara just had 5 (or 6) very remarkable people!

    PS. I'd love to see a Kara reunion on Infinity Challenge one fine day in 2020. The episode would be titled, "Saturday, I am a singer - 2000 edition".


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