This Week in Kpop: January 17-23, 2016

Stellar Sting MV

This Week in Kpop is all about the sting. The sting of rejection, the sting or scandal, the sting of Stellar's "Sting" even. So why not just get started already? Let's go!

Stellar's Sting

Stellar came back this week to a surprising amount of fanfare, at the least with netizens, who seem to have latched onto Stellar's underdog charms. Which is great, but does is it equal commercial success?

Well, the verdict is still out on the actual sale numbers, we think it's a good thing that Stellar is getting the attention that they are, even if that attention rests at the corners of the Kpop world. "Vibrato," after all, was a stunning release, and even if you think "Marionette" was too provocative, you can't deny that it's a killer song. With "Sting," we're seeing a more measured, quiet release in comparison to a slaying jam - but it takes a turn around the 2.30 mark that gives the song a distinct edge, one that hopefully won't be cut out of live performances when more popular groups once again take the stage.

We were a bit surprised that we didn't see choreography in the music video before the turn, especially with how strong it is after it does.

Good thing for the Dance Version!

We're also a bit surprised with the abandon fans have when lauding Steallar's achievements. Many have been itching to praise Stellar's comeback even before they heard the song. Yes, this is a good song, and a solid release - but is it a game changer? No, and that's fine. In our efforts to prop up a group that we feel should get more attention, we should also be realistic, not just of a group's chances, but of the quality of what they've laid before us. Shouldn't we?

Crush is Crushing It

Crush came back this week with "Don't Forget," and how could we ever forget this smooth R&B jam, especially when you have Taeyeon providing some vocals? Taeyeon is certainly Money, capital "M," but that shouldn't take away from the fact that Crush has been crushing it for quite some time, and that "Don't Forget" is a continuation of his success.

Although not much happens, the video is rather beautiful too, understated and almost dreamlike in some of its winter colors. Makes you almost forget about the winter storms that are crippling much of the eastern region of the good old US of A. This song makes one want to curl up in a blanket around a fire, with a loved one, or a pet of some kind.

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January 17-23, 2016

And that was This Week in Kpop! We still feel like we're in a holding pattern waiting for the first big releases of the year. Winner and 4Minute are just around the corner, friends! And when they're here, we will be too. Until then, have fun and be safe!


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