Critical Kpop Podcast - Episode 26: Taemin Is More

Less is more? Pshhh, Taemin is more! Listen as Sarah, Tim, and Zander geek out over new music and MV's from Taemin. The crew even advances a few crazy theories about the meaning behind "Press Your Number." But it's not just Taemin this week -- B.A.P's back too, and our feelings are mixed. How do we reconcile their past with their present? Speaking of which, this week also witnessed the first official comeback of Ladies' Code since the tragic loss of EunB and RiSe. All this and more on today's episode of the Critical Kpop Podcast!

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  1. It's pronounced Oonb and Resay. Jfc.

    1. Point taken about EunB, that's our bad. Although, the romanization "EunB" is actually a better pronunciation guide (OonB would use a different vowel: ㅜ). I think we actually pronounced it like ㅠ on the podcast which was way off! But we're learning!

      The pronunciation for RiSe is, I think, much more complicated. It's obvious that the English came first in this example, and that the hangul was created as a "next closest thing" because "rise" is not pronounceable in Korean. So they went with "ree-se" (although it's odd they didn't use ㅡ as the last vowel, as that's a more common way to deal with English endings). The point being, because the obvious intention was for RiSe to be connected to the English word "rise," should English-speakers really pronounce her name as "ree-se"? We wouldn't pronounce G-Dragon as "G-dehrahgohn". But this example is even more confusing because there's also the intentionally capitalized "S" in the middle of RiSe, which suggests to me that we are, in fact, supposed to be breaking this one syllable word (in English) into a two syllable word (as it would be in Korean). I think it would be acceptable in this case to say "rise" as an English speaker, but "ree-se" is probably the better pronunciation. Language is fun!

      But again, point taken! We are working on our pronunciation! :) Keep correcting us!


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