This Week in Kpop: February 7-13, 2016

Rainbow Whoo

This Week in Kpop was a bit of a letdown, a bit of the quiet between storms - with the Lunar New Year taking precedent in the world of Kpop. We can dig that, sure, although we're hoping for some more action next week! But there's some news and releases to share, let's get started already!

Rainbow Teases

Kara is gone forever, and now DSP has no choice. For their very survival, they must take Rainbow seriously. But is it too late?

Enter, if you will, "Whoo." While we're only getting a hint of the song here (hence: teaser), it seems as though we may be getting a funky eighties sound reminiscent of Wonder Girls' most recent comeback. But then again, it could be a misdirection. In any case, we're liking the quirky flip cup game and the striking yellows and, really, the overall look of the video here seems to be on point. It seems "cooler" than anything DSP has released in a long while already, and we're hoping for something similar in feel and energy to Rainbow's masterpiece, "A."

Because Rainbow does have talent, they do have charisma. We'd even take their more lighthearted romps, like "Sunshine."

Because Rainbow's the type of group that can pull that concept off, friends. They have a very impressive library of songs already, and if DSP capitalized on their earlier success, their very future wouldn't be so uncertain. For shame, DSP!

So, the questions remains. Can Rainbow take the reins of this flailing agency? We sure hope so. But what do you think?

AOA Cream Surprises

"Why is AOA Cream a surprise?" you may ask.

Well, first of all, thanks for asking. We appreciate your feedback. Secondly, it's not because we didn't think this subgroup wasn't full of potential or that these idols, Chanmi, Hyejeong, and Yuna, didn't have talent and charisma. It was more that the concept itself seemed incredibly cheesy and we didn't have high hopes for the pink power princess concept that the video promised.

And, honestly, the video is cheesy. Revenge is something quite common with Kpop girl groups (see the podcast below), but this revenge scenario seems pretty ineffectual, magic aside.

But the song itself is a jam - more of a jam than you'd expect from the silly music video. More than the music video even deserves, really. It's not going to be in any 2016 Greatest Hits compilation, and some are calling it too disjointed, but we're digging it, listening to it on repeat, over and over again.

Red Velvet's Wish Tree

This was a surprise release for us. It seems as though this was made as part of something called the Winter Garden Music Video League by the winner, a Jeong Minseo. We're surprised here because the music video is beautiful (a much deserved win), and because it depicts an unrequited love - between a young woman and another woman. That's a big deal in the more conservative Korean culture, and we commend SM for releasing this, even if it seems like it was snuck in during a quiet week for them (and for Kpop). Still: progress!

Neon Bunny is Tripping

If you're looking for a surreal trip, Neon Bunny might just have the video for you! The video is surreal enough to begin with, but about four minutes in it goes from acid trip to seizure. This is a magically confounding video, with a beautiful song too. We don't know much about Neon Bunny, but now we'll have to learn more, and you should too. 

Mamamoo is Goofy

Now, this, this is how you keep a group relevant, even between releases (and Mamamoo's having their comeback soon, so don't you worry). What they've released here, essentially, is a diss track on each other - over their heights? It's goofy, it's ridiculous, it's very very endearing, and it hypes Mamamoo before their return. This is how you keep a group relevant, friends, and when you look at how big their comeback will inevitably be, remember videos like this that have helped build them to stardom.  

Critical Kpop Podcast - Episode 24: Revenge of the Heart

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so why not celebrate the Hallmark Holiday right? With a nice dose of...REVENGE. In this week's Critical Kpop Podcast, Zander and Tim talk about their favorite and not so favorite Kpop revenge videos. Because you can't have hate, without love. Listen Harder, but also listen here.

February 7-13, 2016

And that was This Week in Kpop! A mostly quiet week during Lunar New Year celebrations, we'll still take what we've gotten here! We're hoping next week will be huge and Rainbow just blows everyone away. All of our fingers are crossed. Until then, have fun and be safe!


  1. Good call on giving "I'm Jelly Baby" a 2nd and 3rd listen. I kinda wrote them off at first, but really - this song (esp. the chorus) is really sticky! In fact, variety shows seem to love it; heard it on 3-4 shows this week alone.

    Orange Caramel should really make a comeback. Seems CocoSori and now, AOA Cream are going after this gap in the market.


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