5 Actionable Steps On Dealing With Social Media Complaints

5 Actionable Steps On Dealing With Social Media Complaints

Being responsive to the needs of customers is considered a key in winning customer service, especially in social media. Since social media platforms are easy to use, more and more customers are voicing their concerns using social media channels and reaching out to brands to relay their complaints.

But with a number of platforms they need to manage, business owners and social media managers find it very hard to keep up with all the messages. But to make it easier for these businesses, digital agencies in Dubai provide actionable pointers that can help them address the concerns of their target audience in social media.

  1. Look for brand mentions

Most of the time, social media managers only focused on the direct messages they received from their followers. They do not scour for brand mentions, especially the ones that are not tagged. These mentions might be random and counted less than the messages that the brand received. They are important. Be sure to check for both positive and negative comments with your brand name on it. If the comment is positive, actively thank the user. However, if it is negative, be sure to communicate appropriately.

  1. Acknowledge the concern

When a customer start posting or airing his/her rant, the only thing that you can do about it is acknowledge what happen and commit to repair the damage. In this case, it would be best to show empathy, rather than taking the defensive route. Acknowledging and validating the concerns and feelings of your customers makes them feel valued and important, especially in social media.

  1. Publicize the reply

Social media channels are public platforms. When a customer posted something on their page, expect that hundreds of people will see it and use it for the entertainment. Publicly replying to the customer in question will also help your cause. For one, the public will know that you are actively communicating with the customer. And secondly, they know that you are trying to mend fences.

  1. Limit your replies

Although publicly replying to the customer is highly encouraged, it would be best to limit your replies to them. A social media agency in UAE recommends to limit it into two replies to minimize mistakes when dealing with the customers.

  1. Go for a different approach

When you limit your contact with a customer through social media, you need to switch channels to continue your communication. Choose the appropriate channel wherein you can address their concerns. The best approach here is through email since you will be able to document the conversation and the updates.

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