A Guide for Buying a Disc Harrow Tractor

A Guide for Buying a Disc Harrow Tractor

Disc harrow tractors are wheeled rotating conveyor machines used in agriculture to loosen soil, sift sand, and distribute fertilizer. They are most often used on smaller farms and ranches where large equipment like loaders or bulldozers is not needed. A disc harrow tractor can fit into the corner of a parking lot or an empty field, making them ideal for use in places where equipment like these would be too large or unwieldy to fit. In addition to their small size, however, disc harrow tractors have other advantages.

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The disc harrow’s key features are its lightweight, its speed, and its high-lift design. Lightweight means less power needs to be exerted on the engine, making it a more economical option. Its top speed is between seven and nine miles per hour; this is far greater than the average vehicle speed. The extra-low drag design of the disc harrow enables the operator to operate the machine in a low-pressure condition even at low levels of torque. This feature lowers both fuel consumption and emissions. Combined, these traits make the disc harrow the perfect choice for small-scale, low-intensity agricultural operations.

As your needs increase and your marketability increases, you may find yourself in need of a disc harrow tractor with a wider range of applications. If so, then you should opt for a design capable of being fitted with an optional double-headed boom. These allow you to attach either buckets or roller coasters to increase your handling capacity. In addition, most models have steel construction and a rigid frame (as your requirements dictate). A popular option for larger operations is a front-loading design, where a drum or cylinder head is located near the front of the tractor unit and the conveyor belt runs inside through a series of slots. 

If you are looking for the best possible price and the widest range of available models, look for a farm tractor disc harrow mounted light duty offset rotary disc in one of the above three design categories. You will find that there are many options to choose from, which makes shopping for this type of machine not only fun but also very challenging. 

If you are looking for an iron frame (as your requirements) for your farm tractor disc plough mounted light duty offset rotary disc, it is important to find a manufacturer that can provide a range of different options. Many manufacturers will sell you an iron frame that will work well for your specific application. Look for something that has the strength to handle your needs, without breaking the bank.

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