Tips to Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Tips to Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Car batteries have a short life span, so taking extra precautions to extend your lifespan is vital. It takes a long time to recharge when you start your car, and you do not want to waste precious power on unnecessary features. It is therefore imperative to make longer trips and plan errands. In addition to this, you should use a battery charger to maintain a higher voltage. If you do not pay attention to these things, you may need to change car battery Dubai.

Care for it properly:

A car battery will last years if it is properly cared for. It is important to take it to a mechanic every year to check its condition. The battery should have the same amount of power as when you first bought it. Also, if you frequently travel on dirt trails or bad roads, it is necessary to ensure that the battery is connected properly. If the car and battery connection are loose, the battery won’t last as long. If you park your car near a heater or a powered thermal blanket, the same holds.

Clean its terminals with distilled water:

Batteries don’t like extreme temperatures and are susceptible to corrosion. A good way to prolong the battery’s life is to clean its terminals with distilled water or a homemade mixture of baking soda and water. After cleaning the terminals, dry them off thoroughly with a dry cloth. One of the biggest myths about car batteries is that cold weather kills them. This is not true! It’s the opposite. The heat from hot weather and cold weather causes the battery to work harder to start the engine.

Make sure to use electrolyte-based battery fluid:

In addition to ensuring that you regularly bring your car to a mechanic, you should use an electrolyte-based battery fluid. This is a highly acidic liquid that can harm your skin if spilled on it. Adding electrolytes will help your battery last longer and save you from buying a new one.

Charge the batter adequately:

Keeping your car battery in the best condition is crucial to its long-term life. An adequately charged battery will be more than capable of starting your car, so you should keep it warm. If you frequently travel in cold weather, use a solar charger or a regular car charger to recharge your car battery.

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