Tips to Prepare a Power of Attorney in Dubai

Tips to Prepare a Power of Attorney in Dubai

If you are planning to appoint a person to make important business decisions for you or your loved ones, you should consider a few important tips to prepare a power of attorney in Dubai Indian consulate. Power of attorney is a legal authority that allows someone to act on your behalf without the need for legal documentation and meetings. In case of any crisis, the power of attorney would then be exercised by the person chosen.

Know your requirements

Before you start your search for a qualified attorney in Dubai, you should know what exactly your requirements are. These include his experience in this field as well as his specializations. An experienced attorney would have a good network of contacts that can be tapped for information. For example, he might know family members and other people who have been involved in Dubai property dealings in the past. 

Present personal and professional credentials to your prospective agent

You will also need to present personally as well as professional credentials to your prospective agent. You should be able to present a very clear picture of your current situation and your intended course of action. It helps if you can show that your most wanted asset is located in Dubai, and you need to secure it until your attorney-in-fact takes control of it. This could be considered a benefit when selling or buying a property in Dubai. You could be offered an even better deal if you can show your asset is located in Dubai. 

Register the appointment of your attorney with the Dubai government

You will also have to register the appointment of your attorney with the Dubai government. The law on property and contracts is different in Dubai than in most countries. The law does not require a Power of Attorney for closing a deal, but you may still have to register the deed of ownership. In case you are buying a property or planning to sell a property in Dubai, you will have to ensure that the agent you appoint to handle your affairs has a copy of the relevant property law for the area. Your attorney will fill you in on all the relevant requirements.

Once you have registered your Power of Attorney in Dubai, you can use it to manage your finances and investments. If you want to enter into business for yourself, you will need a bank account. An e-mail address and a telephone number are also necessary. You should keep a record of all the financial transactions you make so that you can prove them if you need to use them later on.

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