Team building exercise myths that everyone seems to believe

Team building exercise myths that everyone seems to believe

Corporate team building activities in Dubai are gaining popularity rather rapidly amongst different organizations and rightfully so because of the countless benefits that they seem to offer. They are a great way to enhance better working environment in the offices for employees and associates. Yet there are still a few myths that everyone tends to believe about team building. We will be debunking them here:

  • Team building activities will be too personal

Often there are such games or activities in which workers are requested to share their innermost thoughts with their other co-workers or sometimes even bosses. They think that team building activities would be trust fall and warm hugs when in reality this is not the case. Team building activities are true to its name which forms different teams and lets the group work together.

  • Food and drinks will do the trick

Often people think that letting off lose is going to be one of the best ways to build relation amongst workers. Provide some drinks and snacks and they will talk and bond with each other. This completely goes opposite the point of arranging team building activities. Event management Abu Dhabi would suggest you to first play the games and activities and then later munch on food and enjoy the rest of the day.

  • One event will be enough

Thinking that you have arranged a team building event now and it has also yield good results for you then the next one can wait till another year. This is not true as in order to keep those effects alive; you must keep it continued from time to time and then enjoy the good results that it will bring to your office.

  • Everyone will instantly click

Thinking that the office rivalries which you are focusing on in this activity will be immediately solved then you could be highly wrong as this won’t happen in a snap of fingers. It will take them time to warm up to one another. This is also another reason that team building activities are continuously recommended as they will help you in developing the situation lightly and quickly but at its own pace.

Consider team building activity for your office and enjoy its undeniable benefits for the workers and their better performance. These offer long term benefits so make sure that you invest in them in the long run to benefit from increased profits and better productivity from your employees.

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